Confusion and Clarity

You need to be careful when you’re confused. “Confusion is that state right before clarity.” The trick is to recognize when your state is “confusion,” and to make decisions after that passes and you’ve achieved “clarity.”

Now, let’s talk about the big picture.

The Dow, unemployment numbers, deficit, etc., are all just symptoms of the bigger problem: The Industrial Revolution is Over.

What we’re seeing is the collapse of an archaic model, and the birth of a new one.

The olde model, where you took a job for 30 years (and deferred your life for 30 years), and then retired (and hopefully, resumed your life- 30 years older) is broken. This is good news.

Of course, omelettes = broken eggs. The new model is going to require that you take responsibility for your outcome. I view this as an excellent opportunity. However, I love to learn. The idea of turning bolt number 13 on a series of cars rolling by on an assembly line is my idea of hell. No matter what it pays. That ain’t living.

Looking back, it seems like from World War 2 through the early 90’s the world just stood still. You could learn a skill, and that skill would support you for the rest of your life.

Today, it’s a fluid and mercurial world. You have a responsibility to continue to learn, continue to evolve, and take advantage of the opportunities that each new day brings. Luckily, that’s a path that’s clearly marked, and the traveling is easy.

I was reading “The War of Art” recently, and I think the author nailed it.

You’re “You, inc.” You are your business. Even if you’re working for somebody else, you are an independent contractor, with your own agenda and your own goals- and you’re responsible for those goals.

I’ve mentioned before that when you are an employee, you must generate more value than you’re paid or you’ll get fired. Under those conditions, you’re leaving money on the table every time you punch in at work. If you can really create more value than you cost, then the difference between the value you create and what you get paid is a gift you’re giving somebody else for the privilege of being their slave.

The only reason, in my opinion, to take a job is to save enough money to start your own online business. And that should take less than a day, because with the strategies you’ll learn at UnSeminar8, all you need is a computer and internet access- and you’ve got that. (I know. You’re reading this blog.)

The big step here, for you, is to take responsibility for your outcome. If things aren’t going well, it’s not your fault- but it is your responsibility. Nobody can make your world a better place but you. Would right now be a good time to start?

What’s the secret? Well, my research has proven that people will pay you to solve their problems. Imagine that. Helping others as a business model.

It works. You find a group of people with common interests (that’s your niche) and find out what problems are keeping them awake at night. Then, you solve those problems. This is easy- the world is full of experts sitting by their phone waiting for you to call and interview them.

Then, you package those solutions and sell them to that group of people who had the problem. You know where they are.

You can bet that most of the students in my coaching program are going to be at Unseminar8. They know that in just one weekend, they can learn stuff that will put their online businesses in overdrive.

UnSeminars are designed for people who are either just starting their online businesses, or who aren’t getting the results they want from those businesses. Really, what we’re doing is simple. It just takes opening your mind to the new model, and operating from the way things are, not the way things used to be.

Seriously, you can (many have) replace the standard American job with a business you can run from a coffee shop- like the one I’m sitting in now- in just an hour or two a day.

Doesn’t that sound like a better way to deal with the current uncertain economy?

So, we’re back to uncertainty and clarity.

What if you could achieve clarity in just one weekend?

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