Diversity Is Everywhere

What a beautiful world do we live, where diversity is in everything. In the flowers coexisting with bees, in the ocean running to the desert, in the hills kissing the sky, in the communion of differences, where each one in it singularity make love with everything. Who created this perfect world? Was this creator capable to make the human-beings understand and accept diversity?

I had a dream. I dreamed a dream of millions a dream where we where one. My dream was also a Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Mother Teresa dreams. Now, they are dreaming in the other side while I’m still here, dreaming alive. What I see in this world that make me dream is the mothers nature perfect answer to all conflicts that we as imperfect human-beings created. I see peace wearing the diversity clothes.

The same thing that causes the voracious chemical attraction between different people, causes the conflicts and wars, witch is the diversity. In other words, our irrational animal side awakens our attraction instinct for what is different. As irrational perfect animals, we see an irresistible explosive beauty in the opposite. As rational imperfect beings, we create guns to fill rivers with tears and blood.

Why we cannot use our irrational instinct to see the diversity consciously rare beauty? Why not kiss the others hand soul? The answer is much more simple than we imagine, but we insist to make it difficult. Accept! Once we consciously accept and respect our differences we will have peace. In order to accept, we need to listening what the other have to say. This way we will be able to understand, accept and them respect.

Accept that the Asians act in a way, and Arabians, Africans, Europeans, Americans, Latins in other. Accept that trough, our differences we full fill our emptiness. Open our ears to what the other have to say and for a moment silence our minds with the inexplicable judgments.

Why deny what our hearts want? Allow your mind to listening the diversity symphony. That is the best way to enjoy what all nations have in common, a desire for peace.

Let it come through diversity.

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