The Meaning of Life and the Meaning of Dreams

You’ll discover the meaning of life as you discover the meaning of your own dreams, since they reveal to you many things you cannot imagine.

Translating the dream images according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, who continued his research discovering more, you’ll be able to transform your personality and learn why you have to live on Earth, besides learning how you can be really happy for life.

Your dreams are produced by a genius: the wise unconscious mind. This means that when you interpret your dreams you learn the meaning of the wise messages sent to you in order to protect you and help you evolve.

The meaning of human life on this planet is the transformation of the human psyche, but you have to discover it by yourself, according to the details that are peculiar to your biography.

Depending on your cultural background, you will have one vision or another, but the essence will be the same.

You’ll understand why you have to pass through various experiences while you are alive, and why your behavior has to be controlled by you, and not by your wild side, which is still alive inside your brain and constantly interferes in your decisions.

You’ll gradually discover what is good and what is bad translating your dreams, and at the same time, you’ll correct your mistakes, besides observing the mistakes that other people make, and understanding what the deeper characteristics of human nature are.

You’ll do only what will be positive for you and your community.

Think about the possibility of asking the wise unconscious mind everything that you want to learn, and then receiving the wise answers you need in dream messages!

You have a communication with an ancient brain, and this is a privilege, because now you can easily understand its language, while before it was a mystery.

Only Jung discovered the right code for the exact translation of the dream images, but his method is so complicated that it can be followed only by intellectuals.

Fortunately I was able to simplify it so much that today anyone can easily learn the dream language without the complication of Jung’s doubts and wrong suppositions, which unfortunately exist, along with his correct notions about how to interpret dreams.

His conclusions were wrong, because he ignored too much, but I completed his research, giving you all the answers you need.

Be one of my students, and soon you’ll be teaching other people how to translate their dreams like me, or you’ll be translating their dreams for them, and helping them overcome their problems with the wise guidance of the unconscious mind, so that they may discover the meaning of life too, and learn how to be happy like you.

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