The Pleasure of Simple Things

Some people go through life as automatons, taking for granted everything and everyone and not really paying attention to their surroundings. This is easily done because not noticing things may be good for us in the long run. Our mind has a tendency of noticing and focusing on the negative things; hence, when we don’t notice, we don’t get hurt.

However, not noticing the negative will prevent us from not noticing the positive, as they may come in pairs. There is always the duality of “good/bad,” “ying/yang,” “dark/light,” “good/evil,” “heads/tails.” What we need to do is understand this duality and veer our mind from the negative, to the positive. When we focus on the positive, positive things start happening to us, and then the negative becomes a non-issue.

Based on this, regardless of your surrounds, you can start noticing what is that that makes you feel good, instead of feeling blasé, or, God forbid, bad. And then, as a second step, you can start appreciating these things. The best way to do this, is to start by the little, simple things that give you pleasure in your daily living.

For example, have you noticed how extraordinarily good it feels…

1. to go to a warm bed, rest your head in a soft pillow, and relax after a long day?

2. to get into a hot shower, and feel the water running through your body, face, and head? And how about a hot bath?

3. to get inside a warm place when it is terribly cold outside? Or on the contrary, to get inside a very cool place when the weather is scorching?

4. to feel the hands of a small child touching you?

5. to hear the birds in the morning after a long winter?

6. to hear your children (or your dog) greeting you when you get home?

7. to drink a glass of fresh water when you are thirsty?

8. to smell fresh coffee and a cinnamon bun?

9. to see animals at play?

10. to taste some food that you love but don’t normally have the chance to eat?

There are many little things that trigger a pleasure moment and that pass unnoticed through our senses. We deserve to feel good. It is time to truly stop and smell the roses. And be grateful for it.

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